Watch Your Weaknesses

Watch Your Weaknesses

Judges chapters 13-16 remind us that you could be the strongest person in the world, but have a weakness that you need to overcome! There we read of Samson, the strongest person in the world, who had a fatal weakness, his fleshly passions, especially his sexual...

Michael H Brown Testimony

Michael H Brown Testimony

I was born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi and was the youngest of a family of five. My father was a Jewish immigrant from Bela Russia back in the early 1900's. During my younger years our family used to attend a Reformed Jewish synagogue in a neighboring city. But...

Messiah  – By Fanny Levin

Messiah – By Fanny Levin

MessiahBy Fanny Levin A child was bornOn one cozy night,Many moons agoFrom the brightest of Light… And a star in the heavensDid shine from above,And the angels – they sangPraise the LORD! Praise His love!For God humbled HimselfInto flesh and bone,To save the...

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