Tithes and Offerings

Adat Yeshua continues to trust the Lord to provide our needs through His people, even during this challenging time.
You have 3 choices on how you can give to Adat Yeshua.

1. Paypal Giving Fund

Paypal Giving Fund (credit or debit cards or Paypal transfer) with Adat Yeshua as a designated charity. 100% of your donation will be transferred to Adat Yeshua with no fees or costs to you or to Adat Yeshua.

Since the system doesn't allow you to include a note, if you need to tell us something like a designation for a gift, please also Contact Us and give us that information. Donate using PayPal Giving Fund here:

2. Directly Through Paypal or Credit/Debit card 

Give to Adat Yeshua directly through Paypal (credit or debit cards or Paypal transfer). There will be a Paypal fee of 1.99% + 49 cents deducted from your donation to Adat Yeshua.

Your tax-deductible receipt will be from Adat Yeshua. (Note: When you click the Donate button, the second option given allows you to donate by debit or credit card, even if you don't have a Paypal account.)


3. Donate by Mail

Make out your check or have your bill pay made out to:
Adat Y'shua Ha Adon

And send to:
Adat Y'shua Ha Adon
PO Box 814
Woodland Hills, CA 91365

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