By Fanny Levin

A child was born
On one cozy night,
Many moons ago
From the brightest of Light…

 And a star in the heavens
Did shine from above,
And the angels – they sang
Praise the LORD! Praise His love!

For God humbled Himself
Into flesh and bone,
To save the world
From hearts of stone

…and illusions and lies
And torment – despair,
He came to give life,
To nourish – to care…

And, again, many moons
Did pass thru the skies,
And I grew up and prayed
Please open my eyes.

For You see, my dear LORD,
I forgot who You are,
What You’ve done, what You do,
Please return from afar…
And then one day
The LORD spoke to me,
And I opened my heart – to Him
I am free!

Still the storms may growl
And bite – and snare,
But the LORD, my God,
Is always there…

For I seek Him first,
Such a kingdom to behold
Of daisies and rainbows
Beyond the world’s mold…

Yes, I am Your bride,
I say to the LORD,
And You are my King,
I see,

Like a pearl in the night
I glisten – I shine,
It’s Your love – Your grace
In me…

Wherever the rain
Wherever the cold
You carry me with You
More precious than gold

…and jewels and sparrows
And coconut palms,
I open my Bible
And turn to the Psalms

…and lo and behold
I see on the page
Give thanks to the Lord,
Rejoice and praise…

You sent Your Son
To die – for me,
That I may have life,
That I may thrive – free!

To You I kneel,
To You I bow,
To God be the glory!
In Yeshua – I vow

…my flesh – my thoughts,
My everything,
You’re my Father, my Beloved,
My Savior, my King…

Fanny Levin © 2019
[email protected]

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